Mijn tedere beschermengel

Gisteren was het precies een jaar geleden dat je na een verblijf van 3 maanden in Suriname terugkwam en ik je weer zag. Het voelde goed je warme lijf weer […]

A new wave

The gate to 2016 has been opened. A new cycle begins. And once again we will have times to rest and times to push. Times to play and times to […]

April's lost

~ for my twinsis Fausia ~ April started great. The decision to emigrate to Suriname. The news about me being appointed HR manager at the University. Wow, superb! The whole […]

I am back from SU and I really feel reborn. No kidding. Due to my roots, my birthplace, the gateway from which I emerge. I am re-emerging. I stopped clinging […]

With these rainy days, suddenly my emotions also start raining. Teardrops on my cheek. I mirror my hearts desire and feel like a true Drama Queen. I know I have […]

Today I really indulged myself. A 2-hour long beauty facial session, including a neck massage. Even for my inner there was this collagen champagne. Afterwards I kept on spoiling myself […]

So, that lover doesn’t respond to your advances!? But that is no reason to get moody or heartbroken. Okay well, then just for one day drown yourself in tears but […]