Uitverkoop van opgerolde bananen

Zelfs in de Marron dorpjes we went beyond our call of duty. Met humor, aandacht en luisteren naar de behoeften kun je alles verkopen.

Je eigen plek innemen

2019 is nog maar net begonnen en nu al hoor ik het gepuf en gezucht om me heen. Waar is de vibe van het nieuwe jaar gebleven, de goede voornemens? […]

Feel That Steamy Hot Chemistry

Finally, you have worked on your self-esteem. Ready to approach that high quality person you would like to share your life with. And then oops… crossing the room you’re getting […]

A Promise

When I look at you, it’s like I’m looking in a mirror and see myself again from days long gone. Don’t they say …… you attract the one you are. […]

A new wave

The gate to 2016 has been opened. A new cycle begins. And once again we will have times to rest and times to push. Times to play and times to […]

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