Journey 2015 ends

My journey through 2015 is reaching it’s final days. It really was one hell of a ride. This year certainly had its high peaks of excitement, enjoying life, too much Libras circling into my love life and a completely new (career) episode in a slightly different country. Of course we had some downtime, like the passing of my dearest granny. That tough lady did teach me one important thing: always making the home run! And I really did Granny, with my head up high. I have learned that even though you are born and bred a Surinamese, you’re still not (yet) one of them. In fact, envy you’ll see everywhere in the world. However, due to jealousy or opposition, I encountered people who helped me boost up my career. Cause success is based on guts and inner trust that you’re good in what you are doing. If you keep believing in yourself, you won’t be inclined to follow the path of fear and illusion. Cause that means giving up, loss of hope. So, I got rid of negative habits as those who impede me in my growth. When difficult or awkward relationships do waver, you know it’s time to move on. It makes no sense to waste energy by swimming upstream to continue to maintain an impossible situation. Just like my old love that will forever have my heart. But I do know that the book has been read and there is no point in reading it again.

2015 was also the year of Libras who brought me butterfly, tensions and challenges. Or maybe they were just circular dating to set me free! Cause 2015 was a year more about me, my happiness, my inner self, individual initiative and capabilities. A year of independence and empowerment. I surrender myself to see what has happened in my life and the growth I experienced.

Somehow, the second half was again my time to rise like a phoenix. However, this time from just tiny ashes to put right what had previously been crooked. My new solar year 2016 starts on my birthday. And I know for sure it is gonna be one top year just like 2015. Cause when you believe in love, you’ll come across sunflowers everywhere!

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