From adolescence and first puppy love on I wrote about everything to do with love and friendship. This way events and feelings could easily settle down. Sometimes they are also poems I have collected or lyrics to delightfully dream away. Notebooks full have I scrawled down and yet never really found of writing. Crazy huh!
On my 24th I stopped writing as I came into calm waters. Engaged – Married, 2 kids Gylian and Naomi, and then …….. Divorced. After 20 years the channel was way too quiet. My mind became full again and needed a way out. And so you’d come back to those ancient writings. And why not spend a separate page on my weblog on these memories. Even these ancient writings can not escape the modern archiving, called digitizing.

Sorry to my English readers, I won’t translate the Dutch memories and poems into English. The meaning quite often get lost when translating. I might though write a few lines on what it is about.