My Story

When travelling you often come across many things which you drag along with you. Actually too many to mention, but they shape you into who you are. But at a certain point that backpack can become full and heavy to carry. That happened to me at the end of 2012. Then you know that it is time to straighten up. The best medicine against an impending burnout still remains doing what you really want to do. 2013 I called out to be my year: the year of the Selfie!

Not too much thinking, a lighter life, doing what I feel like doing, let myself flow to the music of life, dancing and much more. That year, old and new loves passed by, naughty sex, daring to cross boundaries that you put on yourself. That year, I took myself on a voyage of discovery, to find the woman in me, my own self. Unconscious became conscious. My naughty side came drifting above. Emotional and sexual barriers were broken. And it all felt good. And still is. I came to appreciate myself again as a human, as a woman, as a person. Only when you can love yourself, only then will you be open to emotions and connect with the people around you. Getting rid of things is therefore much easier, because letting go means allowing, accepting what has happened. Then you can close the relevant chapter and start a new one: even more passionate, more fun, and better.

And so I’m popping the year 2014. Still high from 2013, but the beautiful memories make me want to guide you, inspire you to enjoy life as well. Life is too short, so celebrate it while you still can. And so this blog was born: Dare to Dream, Dare to Grow, Dare to Be!