Quality time

Quite often we are too busy for the things we like and therefore give us energy. Then it is time to ask ourselves what’s the use of work if we don’t have time for fun stuff. Last week with the new Beginner’s Mind I indicated that you had to ask questions. Of course I couldn’t stay behind and asked myself why do I work if I can’t do what I want? And so this question caused me to make time for myself last week. After a thick half year I had a drink again with my bubble buddies and had a good laugh. Let myself be pampered by the beautician, got my hair trimmed by the hairdresser, a pedicure treatment, and spent money on a pair of sunglasses and regular glasses. All in all a relaxing week that naturally ensures that you get energy instead of losing energy. Because if you want to attract people and things then you better throw more stones in the pond to see which wrinkles will come back to you. And sure enough, the week started well with a loving note from someone whom I’ll be dating next week. And the weekend couldn’t be better. Been out to dinner with my daughter, we went shopping, to the movies and of course mother-daughter nonsense about what teenagers are doing nowadays and the associated laughter. The highlight came when my daughter asked me how I would like to die, other than in a natural way. Quietly in my sleep was not an option, as it fell under the category “natural” of course. As I don’t like horrible, bloody scenario’s, I spontaneously said “during sex”. Whereupon her question was: “before or after the orgasm?” My answer: “of course after!” My daughter really didn’t expect such an answer and almost died of laughter! And of course she had to share this answer with her teenage friends on Facebook. I did not ask what teenagers her age know about orgasm. The fact is that together we had our quality time and enjoyed it. Better than being pushy, urging and persuading. Because when you’re relaxed, you’re happy and you’re less irritable. You smile more often to others and just notice if you won’t get a smile back. I think I will keep this relaxed attitude for awhile. You also try to make time for yourself (and that can be done without excessive luxury gifts that I have given myself). Finally, read that book curled up on the sofa or enjoy a nice cup of tea/coffee in the sun. Throw a bunch of pebbles in the pond and see what you’ll get in return.

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